Pacific Island Soy Sauce is the brainchild of Donny Cruz,
a young entrepreneur with a taste for business and a passion
for giving people who love food a truly unique flavor of soy sauce with a
heritage nearly 200 years old.

How We Got Started

Donny Cruz first bottled this unique Soy Sauce recipe back in 2003, however, Pacific Island Soy Sauce “started” nearly 200 years ago from the descendants of Donny’s Father as [...]

Our Journey

More than just a healthy soy sauce, Pacific Island Soy Sauce boasts a blend of spices from the islands with a tangy kick of lemon to make this savory [...]

Our Passion

We are driven to make Pacific Island Soy Sauce the One and Only Premium Brand far-and-away the healthiest soy sauce anywhere in the world! We are so proud [...]

The Team

With the Living Memory of his father Teodoro Cruz going strong, Founder Donny Cruz has now carried on the tradition with the strongest sense of family and healthy living [...]

The Future

Pacific Island Soy Sauce represents the very best for a nutritional diet….our product undergoes a fermentation process which will continue to provide the VERY BEST INGREDIENTS for our customers. [...]