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Pacific Island Soy Sauce

Discover the incredibly tasty tradition of Pacific Island Soy Sauce, born right here in the Midwest from a family recipe created by the Cruz family centuries ago on the U.S. Islands of Guam….making our soy sauce the first and BEST soy marinade blend ever produced in the United States! Pacific Island Soy Sauce uses a unique blend combining fruits & vegetables from our native land to tantalize your taste buds. Our real soy sauce is the lowest in sodium (ONLY 250mg sodium per serving), is non-GMO, contains NO sugars, fats or MSG and is completely preservative and gluten-free. It is so sassy and delectable, some actually drink it straight from the bottle! Pacific Island Soy Sauce proves that Kansas City isn’t just for barbecue, it’s an “Island Boy” town for ALL to enjoy!